We work together with Bergos AG to provide you with a comprehensive range of family office management services. Bergos AG handles the long-term support of wealthy individuals and families. The Bergos team coordinates and manages the implementation of entire asset strategies on the basis of long-term client agreements. The financial, legal and personal circumstances of each client are given top priority. The client’s assets are frequently split across a number of different asset managers, making the consolidation of their individual assets the main priority. The majority of our customers are international clients, most of whom are or were involved in business.

Bergos AG provides consultation related to

  • asset controlling
  • Multi Family Offices
  • Single Family Offices

If requested by the client, Bergos also offers other services, such as the evaluation of their entire asset portfolio, the development of strategic asset allocation, the realisation of asset-based projects, documentation of all the liquid and illiquid transactions effected and, in particular, satisfactory risk analysis and transparent cost management. Tailored reporting software also provides our clients with a comprehensive overview of their entire portfolio in line with their requirements.

Bergos AG

Jürgen Hepp
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Asset Controlling

We offer extensive services to manage and monitor your assets with due and full regard to all relevant legal and fiscal considerations. In doing so, we provide efficient and transparent asset management in an increasingly-complex investment world.

All our asset management assistance and advice are based on our constant analyses and administration of your total asset portfolio. Our multi-deposit management team conduct regular clear and understandable comparisons of the various banks and asset managers available in terms of their performance, costs and risks; and our own asset managers are your guarantee of professional asset management that enables you (and us) to make investment decisions which are based on sound financial principles and the latest market trends.

Multi Family Office

Every family office mandate begins with a series of personal discussions to establish the specific circumstances involved and the corresponding investment philosophy, goals and approach. The findings of these discussions are then used to conduct a thorough inventory, analysis and assessment of the family's present asset portfolio.

Having done so, and in due consultation with you, we then approach a number of internationally-acknowledged asset management specialists who will work with us to structure and administer your assets as efficiently as possible. And in all these activities, our permanent multi-deposit management is your guarantee that the specialists working on your behalf do so in full awareness of your overall asset situation, interests and objectives.

Single Family Office

In addition to the multi-family office services we provide through Bergos AG, we will be pleased to offer you assistance and advice in establishing your own single family office. Our team here is constant exchanging expertise and experience with various international single family offices, and is pleased to put these valuable resources at our clients' disposal.

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