Berenberg Stockpicker

Berenberg’s own Stockpicker model uses technical and fundamental analyses to select shares that appear to be fundamentally undervalued, have shown a level of resilience during downward market phases and are currently in an attractive development phase. The model’s selection criteria provide clear buy and sell signals and arrange investments in the selected securities of the underlying index. 

We make use of the Stockpicker model both in individual share portfolios and in various retail funds that are divided up into geographical areas. For some time now, we have been part of the sector panorama published by the newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ). Published every three months,
this sector panorama draws on the calculations of an independent body. It is based on the sector recommendations of various banks, and calculates the overweighting and underweighting of various sectors compared with the S&P Global. Comparison of the various strategies unequivocally shows that we have the clearest market position thanks to our approach. In the past, our Stockpicker approach has ranked first among all of the banks that took part a number of times. 

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