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Berenberg Renminbi Bond Opportunities Fonds

The Berenberg Renminbi Bond Opportunities UI fund is a broadly diversified bond fund participating in the development of the Chinese renminbi. The fund`s flexible investment policy enables it to acquire corporate bonds denominated in renminbi (CNH) as well as US dollar issued by companies domiciled in Asia (with the exception of Japan). Currently the fund does not invest in CNY bonds. At least 51% of the net assets will be invested into bonds. A currency overlay**, (using CNY-non-deliverable forwards - and CNH forwards) is used for bonds, which were not issued in Renminbi (CNH) initially.

German Bond Opportunities Fonds

The German Bond Opportunities UI is an actively managed bond fund with an investment focus on German corporate bonds (min. 51%). The Investment strategy permits a bond selection from all sub-segments of the bond market and to invest in titles with a compelling risk/return ratio. In the middle and long term the fund aims for a return maximization of the overall portfolio consisting of capital appreciation, income from interest and foreign currency gains. Risk management includes both active credit management and broad diversification as well as the strategic use of credit derivatives and active duration management.

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