Illustration of a Private Banking advisor from Berenberg in a client meeting

Business Protection

A sample case

» Mr. D. is a principal in a trading company specializing in managing international trades of chemical and commodity products. He is also on the board of directors of a local food processing company. He is exposed to many different currencies, while his expenses are mainly in USD. 

Despite his involvement with his clients, he has not been involved in any serious litigation issues. However, no-one knows what can happen in the next 20 years. He is apprehensive about being sued, so he decided to talk to us.

To help protect his assets against a damaging lawsuit, we recommended that he discuss issues with his legal counsel and introduced the possibility of establishing an asset protection trust. By transferring assets to the trust, Mr. D. may reduce the risk of losing his assets in the event of a lawsuit. In addition, we implemented currency overlay management for his foreign currency exposure. The objective of overlay management is in most cases to dynamically hedge the portfolio as required when negative trends become apparent. 

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