Illustration of a Private Banking advisor from Berenberg in a client meeting

Treasury and Payments

A sample case

» A clients runs a steel trading business. Over the past 20 years, as his accounts grew in size, the company had a significant cash buffer. He wanted to expand but was uncertain about the execution time frame. Along with this concern, he also needed flexibility for some smaller payments that were made from time to time. He wanted his funds to earn money while he was looking for opportunities in his sector but he did not want to take major risks for the funds.

We implemented a mixed treasury structure, where one part of the liquidity was placed on a conservative fixed income strategy (including some foreign currency exposure like Chinese RNB and others). This gives more, albeit diversified, returns which had daily liquidity and allowed flexibility. The second part of the fund will be placed at several international banks for 3 months deposits while the third and smallest part remains in cash.

In addition, Mr. B. received a company credit card and an online access for the account to oversee the wire instructions of the current account.

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